Smart Contracts

Sphynx specializes in the development of decentralized applications for use in non-currency systems. These decentralized applications provide best of blockchain security, transparency, and reliability.

Smart IoT

By connecting the world to a network, any object, such as a car, becomes more than just an object.  It is now people-people, people-things, and things-things.


Applications (respecting HIPAA laws) can provide general health care management, such as supervising drugs, regulation compliance, testing results, and managing healthcare supplies.

Business Intelligence

Increase adoption of data analytics, data availability and implementation of cloud BI
Establish an accurate understanding of past events and current states.
Establish capabilities to help them validate the analyses produced by more advanced analytics functions
Configure systems to delivers higher-value recommendations
Advanced analytics tools can handle complex queries, identify patterns, and provide better insights by looking at multiple pieces of data
Tools that connect data and feed it into the reporting system in real or near-real time

Cloud Computing


Leveraging Azure PaaS, IaaS, and Cloud features, Sphynx has deployed multiple enterprise platforms on Azure. A focus on WebApps, CDN, and Streaming.
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Sphynx specializes in Amazon cloud configurations (S3, CloudFront, etc.) that support various LOB applications. Extensive experience in Amazon since 2009.
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Specializing in not only cloud enterprise deployments but also in integration of various corporate infrastructures. Hosting CMSs integrated with Google Drive
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Specializing in container configurations, Sphynx has deployed many Wordpress instances along with monitoring, automatic DevOps, and load-balancing features.
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As a Sphynx recommendation, we leverage Cloudflare for significant improvement in our clients reach and performance. Cloudflare is an optimal caching solution.
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Sphynx has ample in building platforms focused on streaming video and animation content. Experienced in Akamai & Brightcove, we now focus on Azure & Amazon.
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Platforms & Partnerships


As a Sitecore partner, Sphynx has specialized in Sitecore CMS deployments since 2009. Certified in version 6.4 & 9.0, Sphynx has extensive experience
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A member of the Microsoft Partner Network since 2009, Sphynx specializes in Microsoft technologies (Azure, SharePoint, .NET, etc.).
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Sphynx has been working with Adobe CMS technologies since they were called Adobe CQ. Extensive experience in Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe AEM.
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As an Oracle partner, Sphynx has been supporting Oracle's databases and Java based applications since 2006. Going from PL/SQL expertise and growing till partnership.
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As our primary small-cap and mid-cap solution, Sphynx has extensive experience in Wordpress for enterprise platforms. We take a blogging platform and make it special.
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The success of Drupal has made it very difficult to ignore. Our Acquia partnership comes from the ideal platform to build, maintain, secure, and support Drupal installs.
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Digital Commerce


Sphynx leverages Magento for eCommerce focused enterprise deployments. With extensive experience
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Our favored Sitecore eCommerce solution, we have extensive experience integrating commerce with uCommerce. Superb addition to Sitecore's capabilities.
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As the de-facto WP standard, Sphynx specializes in heavy customization of WooCommerce. With this add-on Wordpress becomes a complete solution.
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Next Generation


Experience in building an Augmented Reality mobile app, Sphynx can create spectacular integration of the digital and real-world.
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Sphynx specializes in the creation of VR apps for varying needs (healthcare, education, gaming, and government)
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Sphynx specializes in the Smart Integration of a network of devices. Whether those devices are cars, appliances, or homes, we can enable any interconnectivity.
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A truly exciting and fun world, Sphynx builds 3D printing based enterprises. From small collectible items to more robust manufacturing efforts, Sphynx can deliver.
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Beginning with the Personal Trainers, Sphynx specializes in the integration of human health tracking and aggregation onto CMS solutions for improving life.
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From providing custom made animations streamed onto website players, we have experience in integrating animations/videos with web technologies.
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