Platform Partners

Sphynx specializes in a variety technology platforms designated for each industry sector. Some of the enterprise platforms that we specialize in are Wordpress, Sitecore, and Adobe AEM. These 3 Content Management Solutions cover the majority of startup, small-cap, and mid-cap organizational needs. By specializing on these platforms, Sphynx can provide focused delivery.

Sitecore CMS

Our first exposure to Sitecore was back in 2009. Having implemented many projects leveraging Umbraco, Ektron, and DNN, we were not convinced that they were ideal for enterprise implementations. But with a significant gap between those platforms and the larger Sharepoint platform we were looking for an ideal mid-cap .NET solution. And what a wonderful surprise it was to find Sitecore. Both a marketers and engineers dream! We could not believe the flexibility, capability, robustness, and features of Sitecore. Immediately fell in love, got certified, and began coding like maniacs. As the popularity has grown, so has our experience and expertise in Sitecore.

Wordpress CMS

So the first interaction with Wordpress was around 2006/2007 as light platform built for blogging. Oh my, has Wordpress changed. It has taken over the internet by storm. With the enhancements of the platform, the improvement of PHP, the amazing developer community, and the simplicity of implementing the platform has allowed to be significant. Initially, we thought this platform would be inadequate for any serious technology efforts until we were proven completely wrong. After having implemented many projects we have become BIG fans of Wordpress and implementing it properly.


So Adobe has come a long way in the digital world. More known for their creative tools, little attention was given to how wonderful their CMS platform had become. As time has gone on, we now can integrate the worlds most premier design tools with amazing CMS, Analytics, and Targeting platforms. We are focused on enterprise implementations of Adobe AEM and then custom integration with other Adobe offerings.

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